Ordinary women

русский / עברית

"Ordinary women" – a photography exhibition in Israel

Photographer Natasha Kuperman's photography exhibition 2014 Israel

My name is Natasha Kuperman, I am 35 years old, an immigrant from the USSR, a photographer, a lesbian.

Now take a moment and reflect on what you were thinking as you read this.

My exhibition is a dialogue with these thoughts.

Over the years I've had to deal with many different reactions to my way of life – a lesbian woman sharing my life with another woman. This exhibition was born from my need to express and explore this deeply personal issue.

The photographs present women who are in some way involved in the lesbian lifestyle: some are living in a full lesbian relationship, others are only tasting it, and yet others are only thinking, but not acting on it, for different reasons. And this is exactly the focus of the exhibition – in the world of homosexual relationships, just as in the heterosexual one, there are different shades, thoughts, uncertainties and concessions. The bottom line is, contrary to popular belief, "we" are all individuals, the sum of our life experiences, living our lives according to each and everyone's personal set of beliefs and values.

One of the strongest arguments against the homosexual world – especially against gay parades – is that it is an extravagant, loud, and exaggerated world. This is why I am showing women in the nude, exposed and clean of feathers, paint, and glitter. Because, when stripped down, we  are not different than any other people.

I would like to thank all the women who cooperated with my dream and vision, who agreed to tell their stories, and dedicated their time and energy to this project. Through them I widened my world, experienced theirs, and documented an array of lives – and for that I am thankful.

Each story I heard raised a cluster of questions within me, which I am presenting to you, along with the photos and the stories. These are questions without answers. I believe each viewer will reach her or his own answers. And if I succeeded in touching any one of you in a way that will have you thinking about these questions, then my work is a success.